Spring Cleaning

On the off-chance that you're someone who actually reads this blog, you'll notice that things have changed. I've moved over to using Ghost for my blog (despite the fact that it's a Node.js application). It's minimalist, beautiful, responsive, and uses Markdown!

What's new?

Docker Containers

I've been playing around with Docker a lot lately, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I've got nginx, Minecraft, Ghost (of course), and some personal side projects running in them. Running third-party apps inside Docker helps with keeping things separate and makes it easy to do the testing on my laptop before pushing to my VM. I really feel like they shine for development though, where you can build awesome integration tests that exercise everything from basic setup onward. Like magic.

Reverse Proxy

I'm using nginx as my reverse proxy these days... hand-rolling my own was fun, but required more effort in maintenance than I really wanted to expend on into the future.

Old Blog Posts

I'm working on migrating some of my more interesting blog posts over. If there is one you are looking for but can't find, let me know and I'll pull it back in.