Birth of a Cluster

Building Blocks Using Kubernetes or Google Container Engine there are a few building blocks that you need to understand. There are great docs on their sites, but I'll give an overview of them here. Services Most of the Kubernetes and Container Engine docs start explaining things from the pod level and work up, but I'm going to take the opposite approach to explain them. A Service is the level of abstraction for something that a client will want to access. »

Google Container Registry with Google Apps

The Container Registry allows you to easily push your docker images to Cloud Storage. Nominally, the registry entry for an image will be, where projectname is the name of the project on the Developer Console and containername is whatever id you want. At this point, however, both of these only reliably seem to support A-Za-z_-. TL;DR: If you're using my container script: echo >> container.cfg Or, for »

Spring Cleaning

On the off-chance that you're someone who actually reads this blog, you'll notice that things have changed. I've moved over to using Ghost for my blog (despite the fact that it's a Node.js application). It's minimalist, beautiful, responsive, and uses Markdown! What's new? Docker Containers I've been playing around with Docker a lot lately, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I've got nginx, Minecraft, Ghost (of course), and some personal side projects running in them. Running third-party apps inside »