This is a list of the Go projects I've created that are up-to-date and that I think are ready for general consumption.

Some of them are hosted over at GitHub, and the online documentation is provided by Gary Burd's awesome GoDoc.org.


I encourage users of my projects to send me pull requests, feature requests, and bug reports. My eternal thanks to those of you who have already contacted me about my projects and helped to improve them. If you are looking for one of my other projects and it's not here, let me know and I'll see if I can't make it presentable enough to be included in this list.

Project Documentation Description Links
kylelemons.net/go/atom Atom syndication
kylelemons.net/go/blog Static blog server
kylelemons.net/go/clock Sketch of an os/clock library
kylelemons.net/go/daemon Daemon utilities
kylelemons.net/go/esource EventSource server library
kylelemons.net/go/gitgo Client-side and server-side hooks and helpers for git
kylelemons.net/go/gofr Go Frontend utilities
kylelemons.net/go/rest REST Server library
kylelemons.net/go/rx Package version and dependency manager
kylelemons.net/go/vanitypkg Vanity package server